CAPITAL: Atlanta
HIGH POINT: Brasstown Bald (4784 feet)
STATE FLOWER: Cherokee Rose (Rosa laevigata)
STATE TREE: Live Oak (Quercus virginiana)
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Rome Area and Keown Falls (May 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Romulus and Remus - Gift from Ancient Rome to New Rome in 1929.
  2. Cave Springs #1 - Small town park southwest of Rome.
  3. Cave Springs #2 - Ducks hanging out at park.
  4. Coosa River - Looking down the river from Lock and Dam Park.
  5. Lock on Coosa River - Plants growing in mud caught in lock gates.
  6. White False Indigo - Baptisia alba of the Pea Family (Fabaceae).
  7. Church Cemetary - Small cemetary in Rome.
  8. Golden Ragwort - Also known as Packera aurea and Golden Groundsel.
  9. Flowering Spurge - Euphorbia corollata of the Spurge Family (Euphorbiaceae).
  10. Keown Falls - Water falls from above rock overhang.
  11. Beardtongue - Definitely Penstemon, but species uncertain.
  12. Fire Pink - Silene virginica of the Pink Family (Caryophyllaceae).
  13. Phlox - Most likely Phlox carolina of the Phlox Family (Polemoniaceae).
  14. Viewing Platform - Looking down from observation deck along Johns Mountain Trail.
  15. Mountain Laurel - Kalmia latifolia of the Heath Family (Ericaceae).
  16. Trail Signs - Sign providing directions and distances located above Keown Falls.
  17. Venus' Looking-Glass #1 - Triodanis perfoliata of the Bellflower Family (Campanulaceae).
  18. Venus' Looking-Glass #2 - Also sometimes listed as Specularia perfoliata.
  19. Second Fall #1 - Water dripping down face of smaller fall near main fall.
  20. Second Fall #2 - Another view of second fall just a short walk from main fall.
  21. Indian Pink #1 - Spigelia marilandica of the family Loganiaceae.
  22. Indian Pink #2 - Other common names include Pinkroot and Wormgrass.
  23. Indian Pink #3 - Hummingbirds are said to really like this plant!
  24. Strawberry Bush #1 - Euonymus americanus of the family Celastraceae.
  25. Indian Pink #4 - Grown in moist woods in the southeastern part of North America.
  26. Strawberry Bush #2 - An alternate common name is Bursting Hearts
  27. Strawberry Bush #3 - Common names for the family Celastraceae include Staff Tree Family and Bittersweet Family.
  28. Lower Trail #1 - Nicely maintained portion of lower trail.
  29. Lower Trail #2 - Tree growning right in the middle of the trail!
  30. Strawberry Bush #4 - Red seed pods appear in mid-summer and burst open in mid-autumn.

Brasstown Bald and Appalachian Trail (May 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Brasstown Bald - Looking up at top of Georgia's highest peak from the parking lot.
  2. Parking Lot - Looking down on mostly empty parking lot from top of Georgia's highest peak.
  3. High Point - Sign explains that the elevation at the top is 4784 feet above sea level.
  4. Tower - Tower and museum at top of peak.
  5. Squawroot - Conopholis americana of the Broomrape Family (Orobanchacae).
  6. Pepperroot - Probably Dentaria laciniate and definitely member of Mustard Family (Brassicaceae).
  7. Northern Woodland Violet #1 - Viola septentrionalis of the Violet Family (Violaceae).
  8. Toadshade Trillium - Also sometimes called Little Sweet Betsy.
  9. Bashful Wakerobin #1 - Trillium catesbaei of the Lily Family (Lilliaceae).
  10. Bashful Wakerobin #2 - Also sometimes called Catesby's Trillium.
  11. Rock Wall and Trail - Section of trail along half mile long rock wall below Brasstown Bald.
  12. Mayapple #1 - Podophyllum peltatum of the Barberry Family (Berberidaceae).
  13. Northern Woodland Violet #2 - Specimen nestled at the base of a tree.
  14. Primrose Violet - Viola primulifolia of the Violet Family (Violaceae).
  15. Appalachian Trail - Section of trail near Springer Mountain.
  16. Mountain Saxifrage #1 - Saxifraga michauxii of the Saxifrage Family (Saxifragaceae).
  17. Mountain Saxifrage #2 - Close look at a single flower.
  18. Mountain Saxifrage #3 - Full view of plant growing from rock.
  19. Dwarf Cinquefoil - Potentilla canadensis of the Rose Family (Rosaceae).
  20. Golden Ragwort - Senecio aureus of the Sunflower Family (Asteraceae).
  21. Bird on Rock - Bird at top of Springer Mountain (3782 feet).
  22. Plaque #1 - Marks the southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail
  23. Registry Box - Built right into the rock at the top of Springer Mountain.
  24. Lousewort #1 - Pedicularis canadensis of the Figwort Family (Scrophulariaceae).
  25. Lousewort #2 - Also called Wood Betony and Beefsteak Plant and sometimes listed in the Orobanchaceae.
  26. Plaque #2 - Georgia to Maine, A footpath for those who seek fellowship with the wilderness.
  27. Lily of the Valley - Convallaria majuscula of the Lily Family (Liliaceae).
  28. Flame Azalea - Rhododendron calendulaceum of the Heath Family (Ericaceae).
  29. Blackberry #1 - Rubus allegheniensis of the Rose Family (Rosaceae).
  30. Blackberry #2 - A patch of blackberry bushes growing next to the road.

Fort Mountain (May 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Gooseberry - Flowers on some kind of gooseberry or currant bush.
  2. Beetleweed #1 - Galax aphylla of the family Diapensiaceae.
  3. Bigleaf Snowbell - Styrax grandifolius of the family Styracaceae.
  4. Georgia Countryside - Looking west from Fort Mountain.
  5. Sweet Betsy #1 - Calycanthus floridus of the family Calycanthaceae.
  6. Streambank Mockorange - Philadelphus hirsutus of the family Hydrangeaceae.
  7. Trail - Looking down the trail at Fort Mountain.
  8. Beetleweed #2 - Also sometimes called Wandflower or Wandplant.
  9. Beetleweed #3 - Sometimes listed as Galax urceolata.
  10. Catawba Rhododendron - Rhododendron catawbiense of the Laurel Family (Ericaceae).
  11. Tower - The tower at the top of Fort Mountain.
  12. Wall Ruins - Portion of ancient 858 foot wall built by local Native Americans.
  13. Squirrel - Small rodent on trail just below the wall.
  14. Sweet Betsy #2 - Also sometimes called Hairy Strawberry Shrub.
  15. Beetleweed #4 - Sometimes also listed as Galax rotundifolia.
  16. Highbush Blueberry - Vaccinium corymbosum of the Heath Family (Ericaceae).
  17. Flame Azalea - Rhododendron calendulaceum of the Heath Family (Ericaceae).
  18. Bristly Locust - Robinia hispida of the Pea Family (Fabaceae).
  19. Venus' Pride - Houstonia purpurea of the Madder Family (Rubiaceae).
  20. Cinnamon Fern - Osmundastrum cinnamomeum of the Royal Fern Family (Osmundaceae).
  21. Pink Lady's Slipper #1 - It's hard to get enough of this rare beauty!
  22. Pink Lady's Slipper #2 - These were found along the Gahuti Loop.
  23. Star Chickweed - Stellaria pubera of the Pink Family (Caryophyllaceae).
  24. Toadshade Trillium - Trillium sessile of the Melanthiaceae (formerly Lilliaceae).
  25. Sweet Wakerobin #1 - Trillium vaseyi of the Melanthiaceae.
  26. Sweet Wakerobin #2 - Also known as Vasey's Trillium.
  27. Yellow Stargrass - Hypoxis hirsuta of the Hypoxidaceae (formerly Amaryllidaceae).
  28. Pink Lady's Slipper #3 - Belong to subfamily Cypripedioideae.
  29. Pink Lady's Slipper #4 - Another view of a group of Moccasin Flowers.
  30. Spotted Wintergreen - Sometimes listed as a member of the family Pyrolaceae.
Ericaceae is referred to by common names Heath Family, Laurel Family, and Heather Family.
Smithgall Woods (May 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Covered Bridge #1 - Covered bridge over Duke's Creek.
  2. Lyre-Leaved Sage #1 - Salvia lyrata of the Mint Family (Lamiaceae).
  3. Covered Bridge #2 - Another look at historic covered bridge.
  4. Gill-Over-The-Ground - Glechoma hederacea of the Mint Family (Lamiaceae).
  5. Spider - Close look at a spider hanging out near bridge.
  6. Lyre-Leaved Sage #2 - Close look at tubular flowers.
  7. Foamflower - Tiarella cordifolia of the Saxifrage Family (Saxifragaceae).
  8. Fleabane - Species of Erigeron of the Sunflower Family (Asteraceae).
  9. Highland Doghobble - Leucothoe fontanesiana of the Heath Family (Ericaceae).
  10. Wild Geranium #1 - Geranium maculatum of the Geranium Family (Geraniaceae).
  11. Wild Geranium #2 - Wild geraniums are very common in eastern North America.
  12. Fairywand #1 - Chamaelirium luteum of the family Melanthiaceae.
  13. Fairywand #2 - Often listed as a member of the Lily Family (Liliaceae).
  14. Fairywand #3 - Other common names include Devil's Bit and Blazing-Star.
  15. Rattlesnake Weed #1 - Hieracium venosum of the Sunflower Family (Asteraceae).
  16. Rattlesnake Weed #2 - Entire plant - the stem is quite long!
  17. Rattlesnake Weed #3 - Close look at flowers.
  18. Falls Near Martin's Mine - Largest gold nugget east of Mississippi found near these falls.
  19. Spotted Wintergreen - Also known as Pipsissewa, Chimaphila maculata of the Heath Family (Ericaceae).
  20. Interesting Plant Structure - My guess is that it's in the Mint Family (Lamiaceae).
  21. Teaberry - Gaultheria procumbens of the Heath Family (Ericaceae).
  22. Blue-Eyed Grass #1 - Sisyrinchium mucronatum of the Iris Family (Iridaceae).
  23. Carolina Rose - Also known as Pasture Rose, Rosa carolina is in the Rose Family (Rosaceae).
  24. Annual Blue-Eyed Grass - Sisyrinchium rosulatum of the Iris Family (Iridaceae).
  25. Blue-Eyed Grass #2 - Another look at this member of the Iris Family.
  26. Pink Lady's Slipper #1 - Cypripedium acaule of the Orchid Family (Orchidaceae)
  27. Pink Lady's Slipper #2 - Also known as Moccasin Flower.
  28. Pink Lady's Slipper #3 - Does not grow well in gardens due to special needs.
  29. Pitcher Plant #1 - Sarracenia purpurea of the family Sarraceniaceae.
  30. Pitcher Plant #2 - A close look at the flower.
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