Lone Pine
This group of pictures focuses on the Lone Pine area. Most of the pictures were taken in town, but a set of pictures featuring the Tuttle Creek Ashram is also included here. Other interesting sites near Lone Pine include the Alabama Hills, Mount Whitney, and Cottonwood Basin.
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Tuttle Creek Ashram (June 2011)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Storage Shed #1 - Corrugated metal shed located a short distance from main cabin.
  2. Chocolate Drops - Caulanthus pilosus of the Mustard Family.
  3. Snowberry - A member of the genus Symphoricarpos of the Honeysuckle Family.
  4. Carrot Family Member - Cymopterus, Lomatium, or Tauschia?
  5. Platform - Remnants of a platform just behind and above main cabin.
  6. Rock Wall - Portion of rock wall between main cabin and platform.
  7. Storage Shed #2 - Front of storage shed surrounded by pines.
  8. White Lily - A member of the genus Calochortus of the Lily Family.
  9. Canyon View - Looking up canyon northwest of the cabin.
  10. Sulphur Flower - A member of the genus Eriogonum of the Buckwheat Family.
  11. Cabin Interior - Looking into middle of cabin through doorway.
  12. Stairway - Deteriorating stairway leading from trail to cabin.
  13. Wild Rose - A member of the Rose Family growing along trail leading to cabin.
  14. Shady Trail - The last quarter mile to cabin is nicely shaded.
  15. Wintergreen #1 - A member of the genus Pyrola of the Wintergreen Family.
  16. Wintergreen #2 - A look at the entire plant. This plant was growing very near the stream crossing.
  17. Wooden Bridge #1 - Water flowing over the small bridge a couple hundred yards from cabin.
  18. Wooden Bridge #2 - The bridge was constructed using concrete, wood, and a metal rail.
  19. Indian Paintbrush - A member of the genus Castilleja of the Figwort Family.
  20. Beavertail Cactus - Lots of beavertail cactus grow along the lower portion of the trail.
  21. Ashram #1 - View of ashram from trail with snowy peaks behind it.
  22. Ashram #2 - The trail leading to the ashram is just over a mile long and very steep.
  23. Ashram #3 - The trailhead is located at the end of Granite View Drive which is five miles long.
  24. Ashram #4 - The first half of Granite View Drive is paved and the rest is dirt.
  25. Ashram #5 - The ashram was built in the 1930s by a religious group.
Bush Street (2004/2005)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Bush Street View #1 - Looking up Bush Street towards snow-covered mountains.
  2. Bush Street View #2 - Tighter view of mountains covered in snow.
  3. Bush Street View #3 - LP on side of hill in background.
  4. Bush Street View #4 - Old yellow house on lower Bush Street.
  5. Bush Street Horse Pasture - Horse grazing as seen from Bush Street.
  6. Bush Street Inyo View - Looking down Bush Street towards Inyo Range.
  7. Bush Street Pasture and Mountains - Looking across Alabama Hills towards snow-covered mountains.
  8. Snow on Bush Street #1 - Snow-covered pasture and hills.
  9. Snow on Bush Street #2 - More snow on pasture and along side of street.
  10. Snow on Bush Street #3 - Pature and Alabama Hills covered with snow.
  11. Snow on Jeep - Snow-covered Jeep in front of yellow house.
  12. Snowy Bush Street - Fresh snow early in morning.
  13. Snow Piles on Bush Street - Piles of snow and brown truck in front of yellow house.
I rented a two bedroom house on Bush Street about one hundred yards from Highway 395. I understand that it was actually built in 1898 (see view #4). That's easily the oldest house I've ever lived in! Right around the corner from the house was a large horse pasture. Looking east from my front porch I could see a sheriff station and the Inyo Mountains. It was quite inspirational to look up and see Mt. Whitney every morning (except for really cloudy mornings) on my walk to work.
SNOW STORM (January 2005)    Quick view of trip pics
  1. Playground Bars - Snow on playground monkey bars.
  2. Basketball Courts - Blacktop buried in snow as snow continues to fall.
  3. Big Tree - Large tree in front of Lo-Inyo collecting snow on branches.
  4. Table - Snow piling up on solid areas and falling through grated areas.
  5. Picnic Tables - Snow falling on trees and picnic tables between buildings.
  6. Playground Behind Buildings - Looking out onto playground area.
  7. Classroom #1 - Snow piling up on bushes in front of classroom.
  8. Sidewalk - Sidewalk in front of school and footprints in the snow.
  9. Corkscrew Slide - Orange and blue slide and other playground equipment.
  10. Swings - Swing set surrounded by whiteness.
  11. Classroom #2 - Snow flutters around in front of classroom.
  12. Trees - Wet walkway under awning, row of trees, and lots of white stuff!
School was called off for a single day due to a snow storm early in January 2005. I walked to school that morning in the storm and took a few pictures around the Lo-Inyo campus. Playground equipment has an unusual appearance when covered with snow.
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