CAPITAL: Carson City
HIGH POINT: Boundary Peak (13,143 feet)
STATE FLOWER: Sagebrush (Artemisia tridentata)
STATE TREE: Bristlecone Pine (Pinus monophylla / Pinus aristata)
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Quinn Range (July 2012)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Oil Wheel - Area northwest of Quinn Range near Bullwhacker Springs.
  2. Black Cows - Old ranch facilities and some cows.
  3. Road Sign - Sign along the way to Cherry Creek.
  4. Troy Canyon - Sign at intersection to road leading up to Troy Canyon.
  5. Lone Tree - Tree in the middle of Railroad Valley.
  6. Cherry Summit - The road crosses over the crest of the Quinn Range here.
  7. Mountain View - Mountains west of Cherry Creek Campground.
  8. Mullein - Non-native plants which pop up all over the place.
  9. Berries - Some berries growing near Cherry Creek Campground.
  10. Water Snake - Snake sunning itself on a log in creek.
  11. Rattlesnake - Appears to be well-fed!
  12. Prickly Poppy - Member of the genus Argemone of the Poppy Family.
  13. Milkweed - Interesting fruits of the milkweed plant!
  14. Chicory - Purple flowers belonging to the Sunflower Family.
  15. Brown Cows - There were two adults and two calves wondering around the canyon.
  16. Bailey's Ivesia - Interesting plant growing on rock wall.
  17. Rock Formation - Large rock right in the middle of the canyon.
  18. Buttercup - Aquatic member of the Ranuncula Family.
  19. Sheep - Sheep grazing in Avaden, Nevada.
  20. Avaden Ranch - Ranch complex located in Nevada spelled backwards.

Wheeler Peak (July 2012)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. View From Top - Nearby ridges as seen from the top of Wheeler Peak.
  2. Summit Register - Mailbox at top of peak containing register book.
  3. Parry's Primrose #1 - Primula parryi of the Primrose Family.
  4. Parry's Primrose #2 - Large quantity of these plants not far below summit.
  5. Sky Pilot #1 - Polemonium viscosum of the Phlox Family.
  6. Sky Pilot #2 - Also known as Skunky Polemonium.
  7. Windmills - A windmill farm on the Ely side of the peak.
  8. Summit Ridge #1 - A view of the ridgeline from a little ways down the trail.
  9. Monardella - A member of the genus Monardella of the Mint Family.
  10. Penstemon - A member of the genus Penstemon of the Snapdragon Family.
  11. Stella Lake - Small lake near trail with summit behind it.
  12. Aspen Art - Interesting etching or carving on bark of aspen tree.
  13. Aspens and Summit - The summit ridgeline behind a small group of aspens.
  14. Deer - A group of deer grazing near the trailhead.
  15. Summit Ridge #2 - The summit as seen from near the trailhead.

Ruby Mountains (July 2012)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Liberty Lake - Looking down on Liberty Lake from just below Liberty Pass.
  2. Favre Lake - A view of the outlet of Favre Lake just north of Liberty Lake.
  3. Trail Sign #1 - A sign located near Liberty Lake.
  4. Rock Fringe - Epilobium obcordatum of the Evening Primrose Family.
  5. Liberty Pass - Section of trail on Liberty Pass (10,400 feet).
  6. Brown Pods - Interesting plant growing near the pass.
  7. Switchbacks - Some rather tight switchbacks just below Liberty Pass.
  8. Moss Campion - Silene acaulis of the Pink Family.
  9. Young Monument Plant - Young plant before flower stalk develops.
  10. Lamoille Lake - Looking down on Lamoille Lake from below Liberty Pass.
  11. Parry's Primrose #1 - Primula parryi of the Primrose Family.
  12. Parry's Primrose #2 - This flower was especially abundant above Lamoille Lake.
  13. Monument Plant - Swertia radiata of the Gentian Family.
  14. Pink Elephant Heads #1 - Pedicularis groenlandica of the Figwort Family.
  15. Pink Elephant Heads #2 - Recently placed into the Broomrape Family.
  16. Trail Sign #2 - A sign just a couple miles from the trailhead.
  17. Dollar Lake - There are actually two small Dollar Lakes.
  18. Umbel - Characteristic inflorescence of the Carrot Family.
  19. Black Twinberry - Lonicera involucrata of the Honeysuckle Family.
  20. Lily - A member of the genus Calochortus of the Lily Family.

Peavine/Toms Canyon (July 2012)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Peavine Canyon - Lower portion of canyon beyond Forest Service buildings.
  2. Lower Canyon - Another roadside scene before the trailheads.
  3. Peavine Trailhead - The hike up Peavine Canyon begins here!
  4. Golden Currant - Ribes aureum of the Gooseberry/Currant Family.
  5. Arc Dome #1 - Highest peak in Toiyabe Range appearing over ridge.
  6. Arc Dome #2 - Looking northward at the south side of Arc Dome.
  7. Saddle/Pass - Fence heading towards Mahogany Mountain with Peavine Mountain in the opposite direction.
  8. Collomia - Collomia grandiflora of the Phlox Family.
  9. Pennyroyal #1 - Monardella odoratissima of the Mint Family.
  10. Pennyroyal #2 - Also known as desert mint or mountain monardella.
  11. Peavine View - Looking down on Peavine Canyon from upper portion of Toms Canyon.
  12. Penstemon - Bright red member of the Snapdragon/Figwort Family.
  13. Columbine - Lots of flowers near the creek in Toms Canyon.
  14. Wild Cabbage - Interesting member of the Mustard Family.
  15. Shack - Old storage shack by the trail in Toms Canyon.

Arc Dome (July 2012)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Summit Register - Old bricks, box containing register, and smoke bomb.
  2. Windbreak - Rock wall built on top of summit.
  3. Fleabane - Member of genus Erigeron on summit of Arc Dome (11,781 feet).
  4. View South - Looking south towards Peavine area.
  5. Arc Dome - Looking at peak from the north about a mile up the trail.
  6. Lupine - These were plentiful even at an altitude of 11,000 feet.
  7. Silverleaf Phacelia - Phacelia hastata of the Borage Family.
  8. Beardtongue - A member of the genus Penstemon of the Figwort/Snapdragon Family.
  9. Canyon View - Looking down canyon towards Columbine Campground.
  10. TCT - Toiyabe Crest Trail sign about four miles north of Arc Dome.
  11. Mountain Bluebells - Mertensia ciliata of the Borage Family.
  12. Aspen Onion - This plant was abundant at just below the 10,000 foot level.
  13. Corn Lily #1 - Veratrum californicum of the Lily Family.
  14. Corn Lily #2 - Abundant in moist areas below about 10,000 feet.
  15. Corn Lily #3 - These plants actually spread rhyzomes.
  16. Larkspur - This plant was scattered around the wetter areas below 10,000 feet.
  17. Columbine and Corn Lily - Lots of this stuff growing in the moist areas.
  18. Tree Trunk Etching #1 - Many of these etchings date back at least to the 1940s.
  19. Tree Trunk Etching #2 - Probably the majority of older etchings were created by cowhands.
  20. Monkshood - There were several patches of this around the 9000 feet level.

Marietta (April 2011)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Boundary Peak #1 - Actually Montgomery is slightly taller and in California.
  2. Scale Bud #1 - Bright yellow flower and a couple buds.
  3. Scale Bud #2 - There was a lot of this plant with buds ready to bloom.
  4. Boundary Peak #2 - Looking south toward Nevada's highest peak.
  5. Marietta Ruins #1 - Water tank and other structures.
  6. Marietta - Cluster of structures.
  7. More Marietta - Most of the structures appear abandoned, but some still used or occupied.
  8. Marietta Ruins #2 - Stone walls and pillowy clouds.
  9. Marietta Ruins #3 - Stone walls and clouds from another angle.
  10. Donkeys - Not many around even though this area is supposed to be a sanctuary for these animals!

Nevada (August 2004)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Beatty - Beatty is located near the California border near Rhyolite and Death Valley.
  2. Sand Mountain - Sand Mountain is a huge sand dune in west-central Nevada which is popular with the ATV crowd.
  3. Jarbidge Snake - Snake along trail in canyon above town.
  4. Jarbidge Rocks - Rocks above road to Jarbidge.
  5. Main Street - Downtown Jarbidge.
  6. Seed Puffs - Plants growing next to stream.
  7. Wildrose - Wildrose plants growing near North Twin River in Toiyabe National Forest.
  8. Outhouse - Old dilapidated outhouse in Mount Duffer area.
  9. Cows - Cows grazing near Mount Duffer.
  10. SST - Modern toilet facilities near Mount Duffer in northwestern Nevada.
Jarbidge - Jarbidge is a remote and interesting little town north of Elko. Gold was discovered in Jarbidge Canyon in 1909. Soon after that the population in the area began to grow and soon the town of Jarbidge was formed. Gold and silver were the main minerals mined in this area. The last stagecoach robbery in the West is said to have taken place on the outskirts of Jarbidge in December of 1916.
Nevada (July 2004)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Bird - Bird in tree along Mt. Jefferson Trail.
  2. Deer - Deer near Mt. Jefferson.
  3. Yellow Cactus Flower - Flower in campground at Mt. Jefferson trailhead.
  4. Belmont Stack - Smoke stack of mill in Belmont.
  5. Combination Stack - Another smoke stack a little ways up road from Belmont.
  6. Windmill - Windmill located in Belmont.
  7. Court House - Belmont court house.
  8. Belmont Ruins - Mill ruins at Belmont.
  9. Lupine - Lupine in bloom next to road into canyon in Schell Range.
  10. White Flower - White flowers growing above tree line in Schell Range.
  11. Seed Puff - More flowers growing above tree line.
  12. Schell Mountains - View of main ridge with snow in July.
  13. Aspen Carvings #3 - Artistically decorated aspen trunk.
  14. Currant Bush - Brightly colored berries.
  15. Lupine - Another view of road leading up into Schell Range.
  16. Yellow Flower - Large wild flowers.
  17. Deer - Deer behind trees and bushes.
  18. Oddly Shaped Pines - Trees dwarfed and shaped by altitude and wind.
  19. Columbine - Flowers growing next to stream.
  20. Duckwater Rock - Interesting rock formation near Duckwater.
  21. Treasure City Ruins - Ruins of buildings at Treasure City.
  22. Pink Flower - Beard Tongue flowers along side of road.
  23. Ruins #1 - Crumbling walls of stone structures.
  24. Ruins #2 - Looking down into canyon from ruins.
  25. Ruins #3 - Doorway in high stone wall.
  26. Ruins #4 - Tunnel cut into rock.
  27. Ruins #5 - More crumbling rock walls.
  28. Ruins #6 - Wooden structure and landscape.
  29. Ruins #7 - Red brick doorway without building.
  30. Ruins #8 - Remains of rock structure.
  31. Banded Hill - Banding of rock and vegetation on hillside.
  32. Cabin - Log cabin near Treasure City.
Treasure City - The ruins of Treasure City are quite extensive and there are a lot of good dirt roads weaving all around through the area. There are ruins of several other mining towns in the vicinity of Treasure City.
Nevada (Summer 2001, Summer 2003, Spring 2004)       Quick view of trip pics
  1. Gabbs Plant - Large mineral operation in small town north of Tonopah.
  2. Berlin - Old car on display at Berlin.
  3. Cholla and Kid - Kid standing next to tall cholla south of Pioche.
  4. Aspen Carvings #1 - Grove of aspens near Arc Dome.
  5. Aspen Carvings #2 - These aspens were located a couple miles up from the Columbine Campground.
  6. Polar Bear on Casino - Polar bear on display above casino entrance in Elko.
  7. Gold Mountain - Remains of a wall at Gold Mountain.
  8. Gold Point - Large ore loading apparatus at Gold Point.
  9. Stateline - Mill ruins at Stateline.
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